In response to ISTD’s “The Dead Wood Archive” brief, the book that inspired this publication was found on the shelves in the UTS Library. To find this book, I first converted my birth date to a Dewey Decimal (DDC), using the UTS library’s interactive spectrogram to guide me. My Dewey number was 338.9 along with my initials MCCA. This led me to the Economics section of the Library where my book “Economic Growth and Development: A Comparative Introduction” by Matthew McCartney, lay.

As a designer who struggles to comprehend numbers, I found a book about Economics challenging to celebrate. I have therefore chosen to represent the book in a way that would make it more relatable to a designer. In relation to my Dewey Decimal each of three sections within my publication use a form of ‘coding’ to re-visualise the data and content of the original book. This does not necessarily make the content easier to understand, rather emphasises the significance of this data to a like-minded creative.​​​​​​​

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