Written by Anthony Puharich, co-owner of the boutique Woollahra butchery Victor Churchill, and Libby Travers, a renowned food writer; this is a book that contains everything you need to know about meat - from paddock to plate. As such, we utilised design elements such as typography, illustration and colours which nod to the history of butchery.
A project that was already in progress when I joined Northwood Green, my first task involved refining and reworking some of the spreads from pre-existing concepts into the final artwork used in the book. These spreads included the illustrative summary pages, the 'cuts' pages, as well as adding in elements to the recipe pages and finding solutions to fit new content into the spreads. I was also involved in the rounds of extensive changes involved in the production of this 512 page book.
Credit: Northwood Green & Murdoch Books​​​​​​​

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