A number of Advertorials were produced for Stellar Magazine (a weekly Sunday Telegraph lift-out) whilst working at News Corp. A strict process is always followed, starting with executing the design according to the client's brief and modifying templated layouts, followed by working with the copywriting team to write the article. It is then sent for approval to the client, and subsequently the Stellar editorial team.​​​​​​​
Working on these advertorials challenged me to adapt to the editorial process which must be completed according to strict guidelines and deadlines. It also taught me how to work with a style guide and template, modify it to fit the content and bring something fresh and new to the magazine design. I also acquired the skills to process images and colours for prepress.
Credit: Newsamp / News Corp Australia
Right hand page advertorial for 20th Century Fox - Bad Times at the El Royale
Left hand page advertorial for Mitsubishi - Melbourne Shadows
Right hand page advertorial for Specsavers - Designer range
Right hand page advertorial for HP - Spectre Folio

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