Universl magazine is intended as a high end art and design publication. Each issue would feature a jacket which folds into an A2 poster. The masthead for the magazine uses a modified version of Avenir. I have played on the concept of ‘universal’ language, and abbreviated the word into six letters that is still legible. The stamp like form of the mast head further exaggerates the idea of the universal language of typography.
For this issue, ‘The Typography Edition’ I chose to feature an article by Kenya Hara. In this article Hara mentions that modern typography aimed to “Deconstruct forms of the past” and “reconstruct” them to form contemporary ones. He also quotes, “letters became independent objects through the sheer fact of being printed in black on white paper.” It was these two quotes that drove the concept for my cover design. I also compiled these quotes to feature on the A2 poster, “De-construct letter forms to become beautiful independent objects.”
For the poster design I have used paper cut collage to deconstruct letter forms. I gave myself the constraint of only using found letters form collected material and magazines. Inspired by typographic works of Wolfgang Weingart, Karel Martens and David Carson, I proceeded to dissect and cut up type forms into abstract forms, layering them over textured/grid paper. I retained a monochrome colour scheme throughout the whole cover design to isolate the newly formed letter forms, relating back to the quote by Hara. When the handmade poster is removed from the cover, it reveals clean computer generated type forms. This illustrates the process of analysing and dissecting type, to reveal beautiful new forms.
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